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But the Democrats’ effort to sell the law to the public may be undermined by what even some ardent supporters consider its biggest shortfall. The overhaul left virtually untouched one big element of our health-care dilemma: the price problem. Simply put, Americans pay much more for each bit of care  tests, procedures, hospital stays, drugs, devices  than people in other rich nations.Health-care providers in the United States have tremendous power to set prices. There is no government “single payer” on the other side of the table, and consolidation by hospitals and doctors has left insurers and employers in weak negotiating positions.

The law encourages doctors and hospitals to join “accountable care organizations” that have financial incentives to limit unnecessary care; it beefs up “comparative effectiveness research” to weed out inefficient treatments; and it will eventually tax the most expensive insurance plans to restrain consumers’ superfluous use of health care natural gateway clinic .Such measures could reduce redundant tests, emergency room visits and hospital readmissions, which would help control the costs of Medicare, where the government sets rates. But they are less likely to lower prices outside Medicare and stem the growth of private insurance rates.Visit

Health Care Law

In an interview today with Nebraska radio station KOGA, Nebraska`s Senator Ben Nelson said he worked to make sure the new health care law wasn`t a government takeover of health care, addressed some of its benefits for Nebraskans and concerns that have been raised about the law. Below are excerpts from the interview. Easy To Insure ME has the answers.Asked about those who are calling for a repeal and replacement, Senator Nelson pointed out that many of the provisions already in effect are making the health insurance market fairer for Nebraskans.For those who want to repeal it, it`s going to be interesting to see if they want to repeal this: banning insurers from preventing coverage due to pre-existing conditions. That`s in place. Allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines. . .¦Allowing¨ kids ¦to be on parent`s insurance¨ up until the age of 26. There are a lot of parents struggling right now. They paid for and borrowed a lot of money for a college education. They get out, they can`t find a job. They`d be kicked off the parent`s health insurance plan. And if they had a pre-existing condition, they wouldn`t qualify for individual insurance and if they didn`t have a job they wouldn`t qualify for group insurance. So they could be uninsured. That was taken care of. There were just a number of things that are already in place.  .Right now insurers cannot impose annual and lifetime caps on benefits.

They can`t drop a person`s coverage just because they get sick. Those things are already.The senator highlighted the fact that 220,000 Nebraskans – roughly the population of Lincoln – don`t have health insurance. By reducing that number, the new law aims to control costs that are currently passed on from those who don`t have health insurance to those who do.There are 220,000 Nebraskans who don`t currently have health insurance.

The number of people who live in Lincoln don`t have health insurance in Nebraska. And we can`t take the approach of `hey, I have mine, now you get yours.` Many of them can`t qualify easily because of pre-existing conditions. Guess who that cost is passed on to? Those of us that do have insurance and are able then to pay and our rates are higher.

Take Health Care Responsibility

The World Health Organization reports that the United States has the 37th best health care system in the world.  America’s health care system is fraught with problems and its patient satisfaction is rated among the worst in the world.  Even though America’s health care system is envied by the world, it ranks at the bottom of many health care indicators.  In the developed world, the United States is at the bottom of the list for infant mortality and life expectancy.Health care responsibility is the process is taking control of your health care.  The health care system has many problems, but great health care can be obtained if you are a smart health care consumer. Being educated does not mean that you need to have a medical degree or even a high school diploma; it means that you know how to get and transmit critical information.Having a system to organize and communicate your health information will significantly improve health care.  You need a system to organize your medical information.  Having this information improves the relationship with your doctor and having a good relationship with the physician who serves as your primary care provider is an essential step to getting optimal health care.  The current capitalistic health care system focuses on profit instead of patient care.

This does not mean that you cannot receive great health care in the current system.  It does mean that you will have to do more than have a good doctor.  You need to take responsibility for your health care.  Health care responsibility includes understanding your health and disease states, organizing your health information and communicating it with the system.  As ramifications of Obamacare continue to play out, it becomes clearer that the changes made are the wrong ones.

The new law cuts $575 billion from Medicare, but uses the savings to fund a new health entitlement, rather than deal with the financial insolvency that Medicare faces.Furthermore, countless employers have said Obamacare accelerated increases in their health insurance premiums, prompting them to consider dropping coverage or pass more of the cost onto employees and their families.